Ra’al Ki Victorieux’ Publications Index

Hello! Kind greetings. Welcome to this work in progress. For decades, Ra’al Ki Victorieux, demiurge, has been involved in cultural journalism. She has published in print and digital media – magazines, newspapers – participated in the production of cultural radio and television programs, produced an electronic newsletter, and broadcasted through social media. In her work within arts education she has encouraged others to write texts in artistic appreciation. Also; her life and work had been reason for media coverage. This index 2020 is the beginning of the compilation and publication of this facet of her work. We hope the reader finds it interesting. We would appreciate if you could help us by sharing. Thanks a lot.

Ra’al Ki Victorieux


Vocation Dance

Clark’ love for Education

The German Issue, by Annette Weisser

The Kitsch Trend in Contemporary Aesthetics

What Legal Clauses to Include in your Book?

Welcome Back Space Travelers!

Women Who Love To Much 

Tequila, Billiards & Kitsch Interview

Yesterday wo Utatte; What is Love?


Meditation to Transmute the Trauma of the Inquisition and Clean the Lower Astral

Uterus Healing Meditation

Meditation to Heal from Sexual Abuse

Yes, You Can

Would you Follow Marie Diamond, Feng Shui Master?

Jung; transcendence without hesitation

Eagle Prayer


Listen to the Magic of the Album “Mantra Miw”

Wacha “Temoaya Road”; documentary film, un día en la vida

XIX. Solar sphinx or literary couch to meet us

Read “XIX. Solar Sphinx”; book about Sexual Pleasure and Trauma

Kundalini Manifesto

We Invite you Read Performance Art Memories in XIX. Solar Sphinx

Listen Musical Verbs at Dramatic Track “Fucking Verbs”

Flash TV Interview with Vamp Iris 

Listen to Atma Sapphire, un lullaby for your senses

Ra’al Ki Victorieux imagines a rocker Virgin Mary at the Lacandon jungle 

Thank you. Love, grace and transcendence blessings

I hope you liked this reading, I appreciate a like, comment, or sharing. I also remind you that you can buy my books on Amazon Kindle.

Ra’al Ki Victorieux

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