Affirmations for Prosperity and Abundance

Ra’al Ki Victorieux

I ask to God, my light beings, spirit guides, angels and archangels, and to my higher self: Please to help me to make real these affirmations for prosperity and abundance, please help me to heal and to prosper. Thank you.

I. Purification

I let go of struggles and scarcity ideas.
I let go of any experience of poverty and dissatisfaction.
I let go of any idea that I am not useful, capable, or lovable.
I renounce to ideas of weakness, crumbling, death, sickness or loneliness.
I let go of vices, bad associations, laziness and other self sabotage behaviors.
I let go of hate, regret, I set aside apathy, depression, feelings of inability or impotence.
I let go any fear of having money, any resentment for fraud, theft, or corruption.
I cancel and let go any vow of renunciation, silence, obedience, poverty, from this life, and past lives.
I remove any self sabotage programs in my bodies -physical, emotional, mental and spiritual-.
I cancel any thoughts of low self esteem or low self value, or of not deserving, as «I am not useful, I am bad, or trashy».
I let go and cancel any contracts that affect my abundance or values, made by me or by my family, on this or in any other life.
I let go of, cancel any curses, black magic, blocks, envy, severe criticism, that others have send me to affect my prosperity.
I find and remove any negative binding that links me to depend on, or support a person against my will. This is ilegal, because all human beings have the right to be free.
I let go any guilt related to money, I understand that we humans learn by making mistakes.
I offer and ask for forgiveness for any wrong related to abundance.
I let go any other not mention block that is negatively affecting my prosperity and mission.

II. Energization

I welcome abundance into all areas of my life: financially, in health, inner wisdoms and relationships.
I recognize my own value, and the value I can give to my relationships and the world.
I welcome goods and money that come to my life through people.
I accept to be completely in alignment with prosperity, affluence, opulence, comfort, security, and a good life.
I easily attract what I desire into my life.
I generally find me at peace, full of joy and love.
I welcome the money that comes into my life generously and perfectly orchestrated for my benefit.
I welcome abundance; which is a wonderful life where I met my needs. I have plenty of love, money, health, fun, and joy.
I have a deep restful sleep and wake up full of energy every morning.
I enjoy having enough abundance for me and to help others.
I can easily enter a flow state while working, I can easily tap into my creativity.
My body is strong and energetic, and I am full of vitality.
My close relationships are full of unconditional love and integrity.
My friendships, and my professional relationships with clients and team members are authentic and meaningful.
I know how to connect with my self and listen to my inner wisdom when making important decisions in life.
I know my purpose, and I am excited about the opportunities to express myself in the world. I welcome creativity for abundance into my life.
I recognize my own value, and the value I can give to my relationships and the world.
I know I am valuable, an eternal divine being residing in a human body, I am light, love, I am worthy, I am enough. I have a great self esteem. I deserve to be here.
I welcome my abundance and freedom, I know my prosperity grows each day, and I am thankful on advance for it.
I am thankful for the light beings protecting my abundance, and helping me to get justice and restitution in my life.
I ask for a feeling of gratitude to recognize and appreciate the abundance that surrounds me today.

To God, my light beings, spirit guides, angels and archangels, to my higher self: Thanks for your help to make real in my life these affirmations for prosperity and abundance, thank you for helping me to heal and to prosper now. Thank you.

Thank you. Love, grace and transcendence blessings

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Ra’al Ki Victorieux

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