My Personal List of the Top 10 Influencers

Ra’al Ki Victorieux

I have recently been writing about what is necessary to position yourself on social networks, in terms of greater exposure and retribution. I do this because it is part of a process to support people that I see who can use such information to position their artwork. In other words, for many years I have been dedicated to cultural management and teaching in relation to how to plan, develop, and evaluate cultural projects. Sometimes artists are something like shamans, strangers, self-exiles, hermits, or renegades of society. Nor is it that they have much interest in «adapting», and I understand it perfectly, I am part of the creative and artistic community. We are a vital part of societies and a key piece for their evolution. Some have greater influence in their communities, and it is predicted that in 2021 the orange economies will be a strategic part of the economic reactivation.

To give an example: I am «small»: a mini-influencer, with just over 3k followers on social media, and just over 30k monthly impressions (views of my content). I understand that the content I present: long texts, specialized books on art and personal development, as well as artistic painting and experimental music with mantras, is not the most popular. However, I am «great», I have a 30-year career in the arts – visual, literary, performing, musical. And I am unique and valuable because that is what we all are, a unique and unrepeatable person with a special message to share. In summary: Each artist may or may not achieve that their online visibility gives them a way to finance their expenses or decide to stay away from the network. However, whatever the decision, it is important that you start with objective and clear information about what the networks can offer you, and what are the standard measurements of successful positioning, as well as that you keep in mind that your value as a person and artist does not necessarily it is related to the level of influence online that you currently have or intend to achieve. It’s about striking a balance. Finding a way to understand the world we live in, the needs of the majority, a way to collaborate with our strengths to the needs of society, and move on.

My Personal List of the Top 10 Influencers

Although the majority of influencers are in the areas of entertainment -pop music singers, actors, models, footballers-, or know-how -beauty, health, relationships, style, business-, we also find protagonists, prominent people in other niches such as contemporary art and spirituality. I am drawn to these two areas, and therefore, I present some of my «very select influencers.» Maybe they are not the ones with the most followers, but I recommend them because I like them.

In Contemporary Art

@artopencalls with 17.6k followers on Instagram, it is an account that I find very useful because it frequently publishes international calls.

@fesabid with 11.5k followers on Twitter is the account of the Spanish Federation of Associations of Archives, Libraries, Documentation, and Museums. The management of information and documentation, the updating and professionalization of files, and document management in all types of companies and projects are increasingly important. (In Spanish).

@lsanger with 33.9k followers on Twitter is the ex-founder of Wikipedia, and now promotes the Knowledge Standards Foundation, and collaborates as an advisor in Everipedia.

@artnet with 1.9M followers on Twitter, is one of the media specialized in the art world.

@e_flux with 112.9k followers on Twitter is an international art network.

The Musée du Louvre, YouTube channel, with 69.5k followers, in French, presents art history, works, museum rooms, etc.

In Personal Development and Spirituality

@masterco_org with 57.8k followers on Instagram is a teacher of pranic healing, energy management, meditation. Of Filipino Chinese origin and based in Los Angeles, it provides free tools (in English), as well as paid programs.

@richardgrannon with 23.7k followers on Instagram is an author who addresses topics of psychology and philosophy to help overcome anxiety, stress, depression, post-traumatic stress, etc.

Steve Nobel, with 115k followers on YouTube, he is a spiritual leader offering affirmations, meditations, and other resources.

The School of Life with 6.5M followers on YouTube, it is a program that educates on emotions, relationships, philosophy, and more.

This is just a very small list, as I follow many more accounts, including various interests besides art and personal development. This example may be useful for those who follow me, since it is one of these two topics that I publicize the most, and also because it shows that not all of us are fans of fashion “stars” or footballers. Each person has their tribe, because there are things that we are passionate about, and we naturally gravitate towards those who share those passions.

Thank you. Love, grace and transcendence blessings

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Ra’al Ki Victorieux

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