Eagle Prayer

I call on the soaring spirit of the eagle
Carrier of Prayers

Show me how to fly to the greatest heights,
Dear Eagle.

Teach me to see opportunities as they come,
and to strike at the right moment,
Eye of the Sun.

Help me see the distant details and the vistas,
that which lies ahead and that which surrounds,
Iron-Clawed Warrior.

Grant me the ability to grasp what I seek,
and to stand solid when not in flight,
Revealer of Wisdom.

Remind me to speak with kindness,
to dive deep into my self,
and to lift what I find into the light,
Mighty Eagle.

I ask you to bless my life,
with courage, with nobility, with creativity,
Divine Winged Spirit.

Show me to stand on my power, courage, and liberty,
help me to move ahead,
Powerful Eagle.

Inspire me to be focused, adventurous, vibrant,
show me the way of the souls grounded to the earth & benign with the hearts,
Beautiful Spirit Animal.

Whisper in my dreams how to embrace golden opportunities,
and positive changes in my life,
Patient Hunter.

I call to thee.

Thank you. Love, grace and transcendence blessings

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Ra’al Ki Victorieux

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